Touchstone,  As You Like It   “The stellar acting shines… this liveliness should be brought to New York stages more often.”

“The stellar acting shines…" 

      Puck,  A Midsummer Night's Dream   “Chris Roe is downright…puckish.”      
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“Chris Roe is downright…puckish.”

      Puck,  A Midsummer Night's Dream   “Roe is absolutely delicious.”

“Roe is absolutely delicious.”

      John,  The Cock Play   "The actors underBryan Fonseca's deft direction pace and dodge around the confined space, retreating to their corners between bouts, er, scenes. Their interactions are exquisite."      
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"The actors are exquisite."

      Hamlet,  Hamlet   “The actors are all amazing, and create a very special ensemble. Chris Roe makes an easy to follow and heartbroken Hamlet.”      
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"amazing... very special" 

      Hamlet,  Hamlet   “Chris Roe is perfectly cast as The Prince of Denmark... a wiry, brooding presence with palpable intensity and an electric intelligence which plays at levity while never surrendering the character’s own self-absorption.”      
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"...perfectly cast as The Prince of Denmark"

      John,  The Cock Play   "Chris Roe, who shone in Phoenix’s recent production of  Spun , is very convincing as weak-willed, presumably bisexual John, who remains likeable despite the fact that his wishy-washy indecisiveness is so maddening. Though annoying, one can’t help also be sympathetic with his character’s refusal to choose between being gay or straight or be identified by any label."      
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“Knock out cast”

      Jesse,  Spun: A Rock Musical   "Roe was equally dynamic as both an actor and singer in his characterization of older brother Jesse, a high school dropout who left home to escape his dysfunctional family life but returns to confront those issues that have left him lost and damaged. Also an impressive showman and musician, Roe accompanied himself and Ermel on an electric percussion guitar."      
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“…an impressive showman and musician.”

      Jesse,  Spun: A Rock Musical   "Thankfully, actors Lisa Ermel and Chris Roe, as the brother-sister pair in this two-hander, forge an authentic sibling bond. Their journey together from estranged siblings to reunited rock-group is touching."      
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"Authentic sibling bond... touching."